Attention on the breeding station

Buying a border collie is a matter of trust. Take your time when choosing your breeder. Of course, no legitimate breeder can fully guarantee for your border, but he can use all his expert knowledge, his power, and his love for his breeding, in order to establish the perfect conditions for the puppy. You will feel the lifeblood for yourself, when visiting a breeding station. Listen to your heart, for this is all about living beings that need a lot of affinity. Of course, there are visual indicators as well, that give you an idea about the state of that breeding station. We want to show you some of them:

  • The breeding company specializes on one or two races.
  • The animals are part of the family and are being kept busy.
  • The dogs have enough space and time for running.
  • The dogs live in a clean and odor-free environment.
  • The mother of the puppy is present, as well as the stud dog (in case of an external stud dog, the breeder can provide any required documents, including a picture of the stud dog).
  • The puppies are curious, vivid, and trusting.
  • The mother of the puppies is friendly and open.
  • Observe the relationship of the mother and the puppies to their breeder. If the dogs show trust and open affinity for their breeder, it's a very positive sign.
  • The breeder can provide medical opinions aboutvHD/ED, CEA, MDR1, TNS, NCL among others.
  • Puppies did all the necessary tests and vaccinations, and are chipped.
  • The breeder can explain in great detail, how the puppies lived through their first weeks and truly knows the puppy you are choosing, providing you every detail you want to know.
  • The puppies neither react to loud noises, nor fast motions in a scared way.
  • The breeder wants to know about the future conditions and the environment for their puppy.
  • You can ask the breeder anything and get a competent explanation.

You should think it over, if:



  • The breeding station has multiple litters at the same time. Is the breeder able to keep a steady contact with the puppies and their mothers?
  • The dogs are kept in kennels or in a space that is too small for them.
  • The place of the transaction is not the breeding station, and you are not allowed to visit the breeding station.
  • The breeder offers you the puppy for half the price without the documents.
  • The breeder tries to bargain about the price of the puppy.
  • The breeder ensures you that his dogs have no HD/ED, or his border collies are fully CEA, or free of any congenital diseases. Without proper medical opinions, he can't prove it.
  • The mother dog is not present, or aggressive.
  • The breeding station is a rental apartment.
  • The vaccination record is lacking of some vaccinations, or the lables of the vaccines are not sticked onto it.
  • The puppies are neither vaccined, nor dewormed in their 8. week of life.




Be very cautious about the choice of your breeding station, especially if you notice one of the negative criteria mentioned above. Neither a membership in a breeding association, nor FCI documents can guarantee that a breeder is trustworthy.