There's close to nothing that is as lovely as a clumsy border collie puppy. If you look into their sweet big wide eyes, your heart will most likely melt, and it will be very tough to escape from their charme.


But you definitely should consider buying a border collie carefully. Best would be, to make this decision together with the rest of your family. We don't want to talk you out of buying a collie at all, but we want to make sure that you know about the responsibilites, that are entailing. Buying a collie means adding a family member for about more than 13 years. This can be a very joyous time for you and your roommates, if you are willing to consequently take over some responsibilites. After choosing a race, you should ask yourself if you have the right environment for your four-legged friend. If one or more of these points apply to you, you should pass on buying a puppy:



  • If you are alone and have a fulltime work, or are out of the house most of the day, and can't take your border collie with your. A dog can cope with 4-5 hours of being alone pretty well. The less, the better.
  • If you have considerations about keeping him in the house, because it would be too much of an effort, and you consider that he could live in a kennel outside. A border collie is a very sensitive roommate, although he is pretty able to adapt. He needs his „human pack“ and the constant contact with it, otherwise he starts to wither.
  • Do you have time, patience, and enough interest for daily activities and nurturing? Or are you physically unable or short of time to give your border at least two hours of time outside, enjoying activity? A border collie is a herding dog, so he needs everyday action and engagement.
  • Not everyone in the family stands behind the decision of getting a border collie. You want to teach your children some responsibility and think that a dog will help. But the excitement about a „cuddly“ puppy usually ceases fast, and soon the parents have to take care, take a walk, keepi clean (e.g. dog hairs, on heat) and go to the vet. Please don't let your collie be a victim of your pedagogical experiment.
  • You live in an environment where dogs are not allowed. If you live in a rental apartment, make sure to ask your house management for permission.



If you buy a border collie, you are fully responsible for him. We like to help you with words and deeds, but in the end, you are responsible for his well-being. During the next 12-15 years you have to care for the dog, take him for a walk, play and keep him active. Your dog will never become independent, he will always be reliant on you. Also, bear in mind that the follow-up costs will exceed the original price for the dog multiple times. Food, vet costs, dog taxes, insurances etc. are really summing up to a hefty amount. And the choice for holiday locations or excursions are limited, for not every hotel or camping place allows dogs.

Please take my words into account, so that you will have happy relationship with your „best friend“, but also for the sake of a happy life for your border collie. I could mention a lot more points, but your own personal surrounding will give you more considerations for sure. Our target is to provide a preferably happy life for our border collies , and a wonderful time full of joy with the best of all dog races for our customers.