Why are we breeding dogs?


Every person has at least on big passion. My passion had always been dogs. And this passion was about to start a whole new chapter in the middle of 2011, lighting up a fire in me and others. This passion  led me onto ways that I am following with my heart, mind, responsibility, and with my utmost carefullness.

To start breeding was not an overrushed decision by my husband and me, but very well thought through instead. We are fully aware of our responsibility and the duties that breeding comes with.

That's how our passion for border collies, and everything that followed, ignited


 I was looking for a smart, sportive and loyal companion. 

He shouldn't have been to big, but not too small either. I wanted him to be easy to control during sportive activities, preferably in agility.

In our search for the perfect dog, we stumbled upon border collies multiple times. But the articles I had read about them in various forums weren't always that positive. It was often stated that border collies, if kept incorrectly, would get a lot of compulsions.

And he would only fit best for herding. Wonderful! Me and sheeps, no way! So, what could I do?!

I sat down with my husband for a long time and we really went over our collected information thoroughly, until we finally decided to take the risk and give it a try. And before we even chose a dog, I searched for a trainer that was very experienced with herding dogs. We found „Tina Horn“ and never regretted our decision ever since.

Finally, we looked for and found our first bitch „Snowy“, a beautiful, petite blue merle with split face.

Tina gave us many tips and advices on how to care for herding dogs. And, what do you know? Our little girl grew up and became a normal, healthy and wonderful family dog (and without any sheeps).

And so our fire was ignited. We got ourselves a second bitch named „Peachy“   :)

In summer of 2014, we got our male dog „Brownie“.

All of our dogs live together with us and our kids in the house. The accompany us wherever we go, but can also stay alone without going crazy. I am also allowed to take them to work with me, something I am very happy about. We fully reject keeping pets on chains or in kennels!