If one talks about breeding animals, one expects these three things:


- Health

- Beauty

- Character


If you take a closer look at each of this terms, you will find that they are all very extensive. They become a „never ending story“, where the relative term of „beauty“ fades more and more into the backseat. Just because a border collie doesn't have a white tip on its tail, or one ear is kinked and the other is not, doesn't mean that he is performing badly at all. These are fully optical factors, and it is wrong to judge a dog only by his looks.

We live by the motto: Brains before beauty!

From the moment we decided to breed this wonderful race ourselves, the breeding goals play a vital role for us.

We started to define our future breeding goals, building up the foundation for our breeding in countless discussions. We gathered advice from experienced border collie breeders and in seminars, so that we were able to improve our skills and form experience for ourselves.

The topic of breeding goals is a dynamic process that we constantly improve and adapt for the benefit of our dogs.

We closely live together with our four-legged friends, without humanizing them. They are part of our everyday life, even in extraordinary situations. They are constantly willing to give it all, and that's why they are so special. And we stick to this. Breeding healthy, active, sportive, resilient, reliable borders, ready to give it all. With sane minds and striving for being loved by their humans. In order to acheive this, our dogs are genetically tested and x-rayed, in order to prevent hip damages. The best results are a basic requirement for our breed. We expect the same from our breeding partners.

In the end, one has to work steady, with sanity and love, for we think there lies the key to a successful breed. And last but not least the love and the respect for the living being.

That's why we are only striving for a small breed, because we want to care for every dog individually.